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March 5, 2024
 Plan 4 (Advanced)

Advance Plan

Includes 5 to 10 webpage's, webhosting service, and domain name. we will create a website for you, register a domain name, and host this website in our server.

  • 5 to 10 webpages (using our standard template) (Note 1)
  • Domain Name for your company like www.name-of-your-company.com
  • Webhosting: 2000 Megabytes of webspace (Note 2)
  • Bandwidth: 15 Gigabyte per month (Note 3)
  • Computer Cycles 200 per month (Note 4)
  • Email accounts = Unlimited
  • Graphic/Photos: up to 5 per page - max. of 100 KB per image
  • Video Clips: up to 2 video clips hosted at YouTube

Development Completion: within 1 week
$120 per year

Note: A link "Web Design & Development by 11fx" will be inserted at the footer of your website.


  • Customer web design: Ask for quotation
  • Website maintenance/updates: @$6
  • Inclusion in any one of the major Search Engine like Google, MSN and Yahoo! But this does NOT include Search Engine Promotion like putting your site in the FIRST PAGE of Google, MSN, and Yahoo!

Note 1: Customer to provide content and graphics

Note 2: Additional disk space charged at $1 per GB per month

Note 3: Additional bandwidth charged at $1 per GB per month

Note 4: Additional computer cycles charge at 2c per cycle

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